Solar Water Heater Installation

Interested in saving money on your hot water bill? You’ve come to the right place!

Our solar-powered water heaters offer the following benefits:

Pays for itself quickly! After just a few bills, hot water will be free forever
Can be used in any climate around the world!
Increases the resale & rental value of your home
Love long showers? With a solar water heater, hot water never runs out!
Reduces your carbon footprint, and is good for the earth
Our financing options make it affordable on any budget

How do they work?
Solar water heaters can be pretty complicated, but they break down into two types: active & passive

Active solar water heating systems
Technology is improving every day, but active systems generally use either direct circulation or indirect circulation, which is usually determined by climate. If you live in a warm area, you can use a direct circulation system, which circulates household water through the collectors and back into your home. If you live in a place where it snows & water freezes, you should use an indirect circulation system.

Indirect circulation systems pump a non-freezing fluid through the collectors and a heat exchanger, which heats the water before it is brought into your home. Much like anti-freeze in a car, these systems work well in cold climates where water freezes in plumbing.

Active solar water heating systems are usually more efficient than passive systems, but can be more costly. Your budget will be the most important factor in determining which type of system is right for you. Our specialists are experts in both systems, and would be happy to walk through the pros & cons of both. Call today to speak with a representative and get a free quote at: (855) 764-5673.

Active direct circulation systems:

active direct solar water heater

Passive solar water heating systems
Although they can be less efficient than active systems, passive water heaters are usually cheaper & may last longer. They don’t have any moving parts and don’t use any electricity to operate. Like active systems, there are two main types:

1. Integral collector-storage passive systems
These systems, like direct circulation active systems, work best in warm climates. Cold waster flows through the collector (see image below), where it is heated by the sun. Hot water flows from the collector to a standard hot water auxillary tank in the house, where it’s stored until it’s ready to be used.

passive solar water heater

passive solar water heater

2. Thermosyphon systems
In this setup, hot water rises and cooler water sinks in the solar storage tank (also called a backup water heater). Because hot water needs to be at the top of the tank, the collector must be installed below the storage tank. These systems are very reliable, but the heavy tank means that installation expertise is absolutely necessary; a misstep can break your roof!

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